Read on to find out how the Belgian Professional Association for Dental Hygienists can help dentists like you.


How can the BBM help dentists like me?

The BBM promotes direct collaboration between dental hygienists and dentists. We do this by organising events, sharing vacancies, and more. You can also contact us with questions at any time. As a dentist, you can become a friend of the association. As a friend of the BBM, you support Belgian dental hygienists and the BBM’s goals, mission and vision. After making a donation, as a token of your support, you will receive information, a monthly e-newsletter, the bi-annual e-magazine and much more. On the website there is a reserved section for friends of the BBM where you can also find leaflets for your practice.

How can I post a vacancy on the website?

Are you looking for a great dental hygienist to join your practice? Then send us your vacancy via this link. After you have paid an administrative fee of €25.00, the vacancy will be posted online on the BBM website. Once it’s live, candidates with a Bachelor in Dental Hygiene can apply and you will receive each application by email. From this point, you can contact each other directly to move forward with hiring.

Want to become a friend of the BBM?

Just get in touch and we’ll send you more info.

Where can a dental hygienist work?

Dental hygienists are not restricted to working in dental practices alone. For example, a dental hygienist can work in residential care homes, institutions for people with disabilities, at the Student Guidance Centre (CLB), in a hospital, by giving workshops…
In short, there are a variety of settings where a dental hygienist can leverage their expertise.

Want to stay up-to-date with all the latest info?

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Does the BBM still get involved in the vacancies after they are put online?

No, applications are sent to you directly. You can then contact each other to move forward with hiring.

How long will my vacancy remain online?

Your vacancy remains on our website for 3 months and is also shared via .our Facebook page.

Want to become a friend of the BBM?

Just get in touch and we’ll send you more info.